Nice 3-keg keezer for sale!

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Nice 3-keg keezer for sale!

#1 Post by johnlawrence1978 » Sat Sep 16, 2023 11:55 am

This is a deep freeze that has been converted to a keg cooler for homebrewers. Note that the changes can be reversed if you're looking for a deep freeze!

38.5"L x 20.5"W x 39"H ~16 cu. ft. model. This will hold 3 full-sized Corny kegs with the CO2 tank inside as well.

I drilled 4 tap holes total as I was planning to use 2.5gal corny kegs for sodas and soft drinks.

I'll include all of the tap faucets that I have, which include 2 very nice Perlick valves.

There is a 4-valve CO2 manifold on the inside.

The brand is GE and it was purchased new from a local appliance store probably 5 years ago. This should have a lot of life left.

This was my second keezer build so I did it much fancier with all of my lessons learned from the first one. For example, I used nice oak for the facade of the collar, insulated the inside, installed LEDs and fans, etc.

I'm getting out of the hobby so this is yours, as well as anything else you want to take with you that I have left over (kegs, carboys, etc.).

You'll be responsible for the pickup to haul it, but I'll be happy to help load it. Local offers only from KC/Lawrence/Topeka please.

Pics are on my Facebook Marketplace listing, or I can send them directly to you if you don't have access to that: ... 7076986602

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