Main Street Station Casino, "Downtown"/Freemont, L

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Main Street Station Casino, "Downtown"/Freemont, L

#1 Post by Lucile » Tue Apr 29, 2008 12:50 pm

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The Triple 7 Restaurant and Brewery has 5 beers on tap: High Roller Gold, Royal Red Lager, Market Pale Ale, Blackchip Porter plus a seasonal special, currently a Maibock (surprise, surprise).

I tried a sampler of all 5.

I think I may be spoiled by FSB and the club, because I found the beers across the board to be much less flavorful than what I'm used to. In a phrase, they seemed "dumbed down".

However, I did enjoy the beers and particularly the food.

My favorite was the Market Pale Ale, which was nicely hoppy. The most disappointing was the Blackchip Porter, because I usually love porters, but this one was surprisingly dull. The Maibock was light and lemony (like it's supposed to be). In fact, that would be the best complement I could make about all the beers: they were almost exactly to type, though there was nothing to make them really stand out beyond that.

The food, on the other hand, was outstanding. Rather than ordering entrees (of which there is a very wide variety of steaks, burgers, pastas, pizzas and sushi), we ordered appetizers: 1 dozen oysters on the half shell (fantastic, huge fresh ones, served with horseradish, cocktail sauce and lemon); crab and artichoke dip (creamy, with huge chunks of crab - and it actually tasted like crab); a spicy tuna roll and a shrimp roll from the sushi bar (made to order, of course); and a monstrous bowl of fried mushrooms. We had a ton to eat, and our total bill for 5 people was just shy of $55 - and the service was fantastic.

In terms of gambling, the Downtown "Fremont Experience" area of Vegas is definitely a lucky hit. :D

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