Village Pizza, Estes Park, CO.

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Village Pizza, Estes Park, CO.

#1 Post by Blktre » Wed Jan 17, 2007 2:56 pm

Weve been going to Estes now a few times a year and have found a nice Pizza place. Village Pizza is not a brew pub but they carry bottle conditioned beers from all around the world.
What you will find is a board w/ about 4-5 special beers on sale. Then they also have a selection of around 15 other beers. Doesnt sound like alot, but the selection is world class. Cost is anywhere from 2.50-3.75 per bottle.

Yea, there is a brewbub there, Estes Park Brewery, but once we found Village Pizza we never went back there.

Drawback: They freeze thier beer mugs :( So i had to warm mine up by hand in order not to freeze out the taste buds. You dont want that happening w/ the quality of beer they serve.....Oh, did i mention the Pizza is some of the best ive ever had? Thin crust to Chicago style, theve got it. Highly reccomended!!
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