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Joe Yoder
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Flagstaff, AZ, Brewpubs

#1 Post by Joe Yoder » Thu Jan 17, 2008 4:38 pm

We just returned from a short trip out to Flagstaff, AZ to visit family and check out the local culture and beer. I was pleasantly surprised, especially in the variety of brewpubs to check out within walking distance of downtown.

Beaver Street Brewery
This was our first stop on the evening we arrived in Flagstaff. It is basically a sports bar with a brewery. They didn't seat us, we just had to wait around, vulture like, hoping someone would leave so we could sit. Ordered a pitcher of their IPA while we waited. It was very good. Finally found an open table (since there was a game on, people were not moving out) and ordered food and a pitcher of their ESB. It was also very good. The biggest surprise was the food. It was excellent! Joan and the boys had pizza which was very good and I had a salad that was huge and contained all sorts of goodies (dried fruit, nuts, chicken, etc.). Service was lousy, but it was a sports bar, what do you expect.
Beer 7
Food 9
Service 3

Santa Fe Brewing Co.
This place gets bonus points for not having televisions blaring all the time. Also bonus points for the Grateful Dead posters and photographs. Beers were very good, but limited to 3 or 4 of their own. BUT they did have great guest taps. We tried their Stout and Bitter, both were very good. The stout was good enough that I brought a growler home. Best beer in the joint though was the Arrogant Bastard Oak Aged, mmmmmm....
Also had Old Crustacean Barleywine on tap. Food was good, we went back a couple of times, mostly burgers, but a good variety of styles. Saw live music their on Sunday afternoon, local bluegrass band, lots of fun. Thought that it would be a good place for our local brewfest bands and lo and behold on our way out I spied a DeWayn Bros. sticker on the door.
Beer 7
Food 7
Service 8
Bonus Points for atmosphere 10!!!

Next stop was Mogollon Brewing (pronounced Muguyen) This brewery is also a distillery (try that in KS??) Very good IPA and a decent Beer de Garde. Tried their vodka (60% wheat and 40% rye, according to the very drunk brewer who was on his way home when we arrived) Not great but certainly passable. No food in this brewpub. Probably couldn't get by with that in KS either, eh? Bartender was friendly. This place also has live music but we weren't there for any. Later this month Grace Potter is playing there, pretty good band for a tiny venue!
Beer 7
Vodka 4
Service 8

These were all within 2 blocks of the train station in downtown Flagstaff AZ and just down the street from the funky historic hotel where we stayed. The Monte Vista. I would recommend the other historic hotel The Weathersford or somesuch. It seemed a bit less funky, if you get my drift.

Finally we took a car trip to Sedona and visited the Sedona Brewing Co. They had appitizers but no real menu. Beers weren't great, but I liked the atmosphere. The brewery was right out in the bar. The Sedona area is beautiful, but the town is horrid! Haven't seen so many T-shirt and Jick Jack stores since Branson, MO! Brewpub didn't open until 4PM, so we spent a very long hour in downtown Sedona (wouldn't recommend it).
Beer 5
Service 7

all in all well worth the trip. Also was able to score a couple of brews that we can't get here, Arrogant Bastard Double Bastard, An Imperial IPA from Ska Brewing and a hoppy Red ale from Bear Republic.


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#2 Post by Bill » Sun Jan 20, 2008 1:29 pm

Sounds awesome Joe. I'll be heading out that way w/ my Dad here in a few months. We are driving to Vegas and we always sneak in from the south, down around Seligman Flagstaff and Sedona. Dad isn't much of a beer connoisseur, but he sure is a beer drinker, so I'm sure he'll have fun (providing I'm buying)


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