Labor Day and Beer!

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Labor Day and Beer!

#1 Post by Steve Brown » Wed Aug 29, 2012 4:20 am

I was recently introduced to Yuengling Traditional Lager, from Pennsylvania. It's an (American?) lager type of beer; I've been told that the nearest availability is Memphis, but I don't really know.

I found it to be a drinkable solution that might fit in the same cooler crowded with cans from a BMC/PBR crowd, but that it's far superior. There is body and flavor of a positive nature, both malt and hops distinct. The beer developed pleasingly through the course of the glass, opening up as it warmed slightly. (Hey, I only had one and it didn't last all afternoon!) I wonder what it would be like as it enters the mid-to-upper 50's, but it's far from requiring the icy chill of the reaper's touch upon the tastebuds.

Here's an excerpt from a great article for the coming holiday weekend:
"Some crappy-beer purists might argue that Yuengling is not thin and bland enough for the task at hand, holding that its slight hint of caramel and subtle citrus kick give it more character than other best-selling macrobrews. But rest assured that it is eminently suitable for easy guzzling." ... ingle.html
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