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#1 Post by Joe Yoder » Wed May 14, 2008 9:45 pm

HOLY CRAP! Green Flash brewery from San Diego, CA.... This is a beer that will never be served in Lawrence, KS.... It is too good for us! Just kidding, we deserve it, but it seems that I only get this type of beer when I am away from home. I am in Ithaca, NY, this week and have been trying some beers that I have never even heard of.
I had a couple of pints of the Green Flash, CA IPA last night at a place called the Ale House in downtown Ithaca. Intense hops! Probably 7-8 percent, uncalculable IBUs.
Tonight the host of the conference that I am attending took us to the Rogue Common House (not related to Rogue Brewery) and I had a Flower Power IPA and a Victory IPA. The Flower Power is where it is AT, MAN!!! Lots of C hops. Victory was good too, but I went back for a second Flower Power. It is made by the Ithaca Beer Co., pretty small operation , probably won't make it out to KS any time soon.

Stopped for a 6 pack on the way home, didn't have the flower power, but they had another Ithaca Beer Co. beer called Cascadilla....OOOOH Yeah!! They call it a red ale, but it is essentially just a big old IPA with lots of Cascade hops. They also have an beer with all local (NY) hops. Looks like NY is starting to build up their hop growing.

Thats my report from the road... see you all soon.
Joe Yoder

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