Lost Coast Brewing Co. "Winterbraun"

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Lost Coast Brewing Co. "Winterbraun"

#1 Post by Mr. Blues » Sun Nov 11, 2007 6:22 pm

Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka, CA.

Expecting something more like a holiday ale, I guess I should've just read the six-pack carrier & the label when they said:

"Winterbraun ale is a richer, stronger version of our signature beer, Downtown Brown."


"Winterbraun is brewed with American pale malt and a mixture of caramel and chocolate malts............we hopped it with Saaz hops grown in the Czech republic."

I never really thought that their signature beer 'Downtown Brown' was worth what they were asking a sixer but it wasn't undrinkable and was ok for the style.

I had hoped there would be a little more complexity in the Winterbraun and the chocolate & caramel maltiness came through but so did the higher alcohol content (6.5%). I may not exactly go for the Saaz style of hops either (yes, don't faint, that's actually ME typing this & I MAY have found a variety of hop I don't think is wunderbar). Nice & thick & rich but also had a musty-kinda aftertaste??

In short, the label was straightforward & honest. Winterbraun is a more alcoholic version of their brown ale. I just can't quite put my finger on why I can't give this any more than an, "Eh, it's okay but it's not my cup of mud."

Not when it's $7.50 a six pack.

Especially when I can get a sixer of the Sierra Nevada Celebration ale for the same price or a few pennies more and end up with a truer holiday ale.

Maybe I was looking for something that didn't even begin to fit the style my tastebuds were after.

You try it for yourself. If you like malt and an extra oomph, this one may be for you.

I'll stick with Newcastle or Samuel Smiths for a brown & Sierra Nevada, Anchor Steam, Samuel Smiths, Sam Adams or my own Holiday Humbug Mojo for a holiday ale.

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