Great Divide beer tasting review

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Great Divide beer tasting review

#1 Post by Lucile » Wed Jun 24, 2009 2:44 pm

Clint, Xan and I took advantage of Tuesday's (23 June 2009) beer tasting of Great Divide brews at Angler's Seafood yesterday, and since Xan took notes, I am taking my secretarial duties seriously (enough) to try and transcribe them.

The tasting of six beers came in two flights, lighter-colored (and flavored) beers, followed by darks. In general, we much preferred the darker beers, but given the record-hot day (108 degree heat index! Yee-haw!), I personally appreciated the lighter options.

The three of us each gave the beers a score on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being best. These are the six beers we tried, in the order we tried them (lightest to darkest, essentially):

Samurai Unfiltered Rice Ale: average score 2.67
Comments: "completely drinkable" "not Budweiser" "lager-like" "light, interesting finish"

Hades Belgian Style Golden Ale: average score 5
Comments: This was by far our least favorite beer. "Ale? - just like [Clint's] beer in the kegerator [at home]" "Belgian without the bells and whistles" "not so fond of this one" "after-taste like wet hay/dirty socks"

Belgica Belgian Style IPA: average score 3
Comments: "interesting"

15th Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA: average score 2.67
Comments: "maybe brewed in a bourbon barrel - hints of bourbon" "wood flavor came out as beer warmed up" "too sweet/malty"

Hercules Double IPA: average score 1.33
Comments: "fruity esters" "better balance of sweet and bitter than 15th Anniversary"

Yeti Chocolate Oak Aged Imperial Stout: average score 1
Comments: This was our favorite. "breathe cocoa" "breakfast beer" "would be good with ice cream"

Thanks, Ted, for the fantastic tasting and excellent food. I'm ready for my lobster, now.

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Re: Great Divide beer tasting review

#2 Post by jboehle » Wed Jul 01, 2009 11:39 pm

Lucile wrote:15th Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA:
"too sweet/malty"
I can definitely agree with this. Tried some of this tonight out of a bottle I picked up from Cork & Barrel yesterday. WAY too sweet for my liking. Good hop aroma and hop flavor, but mouthfeel is weird, don't know how to describe it, too slick? Compared to most of the other Great Divide stuff, this was a disappointment. I really like their Samurai beer and their other IPAs.

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