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Dale Wheeler
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beer movie review

#1 Post by Dale Wheeler » Mon Dec 17, 2007 10:53 pm

Not sure where this fits on the forum, but we just rented American Beer on Netflix. A great documentary.
Armed with a minivan and a camera, five thirsty friends set out from New York City on the ultimate road trip -- a self-guided tour through 38 breweries in 40 days. Sampling brews from Vermont to Oregon and everywhere in between, the tasters test ales from mid-sized companies, microbreweries and the makers of so-called "craft beers," discovering as much along the way about the individual beers as the men and women who make them.
Great interviews with New Glarus, New Belgium, Anchor, and especially Bells in Michigan. As an entrepreneur, I want to go worship Larry Bell.
This is an excellent flick for anyone interested in the people behind the labels. And it will make you ache for the days when you were 20 something and no steady job and 40 days you could have just blow off by touring breweries coast to coast.
Dale Wheeler

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#2 Post by cog_nate » Thu Dec 20, 2007 12:03 pm

Sounds cool, Dale.

To piggyback on this post, here's my review of a different beer-related movie I saw recently: Beerfest. Beerfest is the troubling story of a ragtag group of American underdogs set against a multitude of well-stereotyped nationalities and attempting to win a trophy or something by out-debasing and -debauching their competition. It stars agent Jack Bauer's dad, an Indian guy (dot not feather), the captain from some submarine movie, lots of uncredited breasts and the fat black lady from The View I think. Sexy newcomer Cloris Leachman rounds out the cast. I'm pretty sure the movie is a drama, because I didn't laugh a single time the entire movie and felt really tense and uncomfortable afterwards. To sum up, Beerfest is sure to appeal to fans of excessive beer consuption and suffocation fetishists alike.

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