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KBP - Kentucky Breakfast Porter Recipe

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:43 pm
by dbüscher
Kentucky Breakfast Porter
Bourbon Barrel Coffee Oatmeal Vanilla Porter

This brew is obviously inspired by Founders KBS, but I did not want something so BIG; I wanted something quaffable that you could actually drink for breakfast, as I did the morning of Brewfest.

OG: 1.066
FG: 1.018
IBU: 37
Color: 35 SRM
Boil: 60 minutes
Pre-boil Volume: 7 gallons
Pre-boil Gravity: 1.057
Efficiency: 75%

Briess Pale Ale Malt (4 °L), 10.25 lbs
Weyermann Munich II (9 °L), 1.25 lbs
Crisp Crystal 45, 14 ounces
Crisp Chocolate Malt (412 °L), 11 ounces
Crisp Black Patent (550 °L), 7 ounces
Rolled Oats, 1 lb

Kent Goldings 5% AA, 50 g (1.75 oz), 60 min
Fuggles 5% AA, 21g (0.75 oz), 15 min
Kent Goldings 5% AA, 21g (0.75 oz), 0 min

Boil additions: ½ tsp Irish moss (or Wirfloc), 15 min

Mash: 154° F single-influsion; Mash-out 168° F

Water adjustments: PM me if you want me to email you my Palmer spreadsheet for this recipe; it is for KCMO water, but you can see my assumptions for Target Water, Adjusted Mash Chemistry, and Sulfate to Chloride Ratio.

Yeast: Wyeast 1056 American Ale

Fermentation: 65° F to start, gradually ramp up 1° F per day and hold at 67° F for first week; let temp naturally rise to no more than 72° F until fermentation is complete.

Secondary (in keg):
2 oz US Medium Toast Oak Cubes, soaked in 16 oz more or less to taste of your favorite bourbon(s); I used 50/50 Weller’s and Buffalo Trace
2 tablespoons good vanilla extract or vanilla beans; just throw it all in the bourbon-oak solution
75 grams of coffee: 43g Kona or Kona Blend (I used a blend because regular Kona is really expensive); 32g Sumatra. Course ground, cold steeped for 48 hours in a mason jar at a ratio of approximately 8 oz of cold pre-boiled water per 30g of coffee.
Approx 1 tablespoon of Biofine Clear or other fining agent (optional)

Re: KBP - Kentucky Breakfast Porter Recipe

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:51 pm
by dbüscher
Just a few recipe notes…

I would advise to start soaking the oak cubes in the bourbon and vanilla (extract or beans) as soon as you can, the longer before added to secondary, the better. This will help keep things sanitary and will give you a head start on extracting those tasty oaky tannins.

Oak the beer to your own preference; my goal when oaking a beer is to leave it in until you and/or other taste testers can really sense the oak to the point that it seems like too much. Get the oak out and let it age to until the oakiness is rounded out. The Brewfest beer was only a little over a month old, but the oak soaked in the bourbon for around 2 months prior to being pitched into secondary.

I would add all of the coffee and bourbon-vanilla-oak solution to the keg along with the oak cubes and purge thoroughly with CO2, then rack the beer on top. You can either just toss in the oak cubes in and rack off later, or place the cubes in a mesh bag weighted down with stainless steel weights or sterile (boiled) marbles, which is what I did.

Re: KBP - Kentucky Breakfast Porter Recipe

Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2012 10:55 am
by Sláinte!