Nov 2017 Minutes

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Nov 2017 Minutes

#1 Post by LeighK » Fri Nov 10, 2017 3:37 pm

Lawrence Brewers Guild
Thursday, November 9, 2017

Meeting slides: ... sp=sharing

Ron Spangler, interested in learning to brew

Clean-Up Crew

Chuck, Wendy, Barry

Congrats to Competition Placers!
Topeka Hall of Foamers
  • Chuck, 1st, Belgian Golden Strong
    Bowe, 3rd, Menage a Trois
    Courtney, 3rd, Key Lime Pie Gose
    James, 2nd, Citra American IPA
Missouri Assoc of Serious Homebrewers
  • Courtney, 3rd, Berliner Weisse
Sower’s Cup
  • Courtney, 3rd, Hefe
Hoppy Hour
No Hoppy Hour in December
Next Hoppy Hour will be Thurs., Jan. 4th @ HyVee Market

Upcoming Events
Women’s Brew Day, Sun, Nov. 12
  • At Courtney’s house
    Cranberry sour is the style
    $50 total for batch, split upon participants
    Bring a side dish & beer to share
    Will be serving beer at the Holiday Party
LBG Holiday Party - Sat, Dec. 9
  • W Banquet Hall, 6:00-11:00 p.m.
    Paid members/immediate family/partner/date
    Bring a side dish/dessert (Main dish is turkeys provided by the LBG)
    Bring beer/wine - taps available
    Beer exchange - bring a 6-pack or equivalent
    Bob suggest “equivalent” should be by monetary value instead of volum
No December hoppy hour or meeting
January Hoppy Hour - Thurs, Jan. 4 at HyVee Marketplace
Kansas Craft Brew Expo - Sat, Mar. 3
  • Tickets go on sale on Kansas Day - Jan. 29
LBG Big Brew Day Brew-Off and Maifest - Sat, May 5
Brewfest XXIII - Sat, Sept. 22, 2018

Competition Committee Update
Judging the week of Maifest - Thurs/Fri or Fri/Sat
Will open entries in mid-March
Limit to 100 entries
$5/LBG entry fee; $7/non-LBG entry fee
Categories accepted:
  • CATEGORY 1: STANDARD AMERICAN BEER (1A. American Light Lager, 1B. American Lager, 1B. Cream Ale, 1B. American Wheat Beer)
    CATEGORY 16: DARK BRITISH BEER (16A. Sweet Stout, 16B. Oatmeal Stout, 16C. Tropical Stout, 16D. Foreign Extra Stout)
    CATEGORY 18: PALE AMERICAN ALE (18A. Blonde Ale, 18B. American Pale Ale)
    CATEGORY 20: AMERICAN PORTER AND STOUT (20A. American Porter, 20B. American Stout, 20C. Imperial Stout)
    CATEGORY 21: IPA (21A. American IPA, 21B. Specialty IPA)
    CATEGORY 24: BELGIAN ALE (24A. Witbier, 24B. Belgian Pale Ale, 24C. Bière de Garde)
    CATEGORY 25: STRONG BELGIAN ALE (25A. Belgian Blonde Ale, 25B. Saison, 25C. Belgian Golden Strong Ale)
    CATEGORY 29: FRUIT BEER (29A. Fruit Beer, 29B. Fruit and Spice Beer, 29C. Specialty Fruit Beer)
    CATEGORY 30: SPICED BEER (30A. Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer, 30B. Autumn Seasonal Beer, 30C. Winter Seasonal Beer)
Budget of $400
  • Medals $100
    Food $150
    Supplies/printing/BJCP $100
    Shipping $50
    Goal is to break even
    Budget based upon 75 entries @ LBG member price of $5 each = break even point
Jon K: MOTION - spend the money
  • MOTION CARRIES on voice vote
Vote on logo options for medals & promotional use - #2 wins (see slides for images)
  • Frank suggests using option #2 on medals and promotional items can use option #1, the theme logo
Brewfest Untappd Stats
36/63 beer were on Untappd
860 total menu views
207 total checkins
Average rating 3.853
Courtney made a pie chart!!!
Best of Show: Blind Piper Big Brown Eye Ale
  • See slides for listing of other top Untappd beers from Brewfest
Dale: was it worth it? Should we do it again next year?
  • Courtney: I thought so, I enjoyed it. Should do it again for at least one more year and see if it gains any more traction.
Steve: how many unique users?
  • Courtney: Can’t remember, will have to look back. Estimate 25ish.
2018 Officers
Nominations at November meeting
Elections at January meeting
Terms begin following January
All current officers are eligible for re-election
  • President - Dale
    Vice President - OPEN
    Treasurer - OPEN
    Secretary - Leigh
    Librarian - Steve
    Biermeister - OPEN, Bob is willing
Appointed positions
  • Quartermaster
  • Vice President - Jenalea nominates Courtney
    Treasurer - Frank nominates Jon K
    Biermeister - Bob is willing to run/continue serving
Will have election in January

Treasurer’s Report
Phil is not present & slides are not updated
Dale: I know we have funds in the bank, plan to have better accounting
Andy: plan to get emergency fund back up to $4,000?
Dale: email conversation indicates yes

Library Report

New books:
  • Project extreme brewing by Sam Calagione, Jason Alstrom, and Todd Alstrom
    The Foodie’s Beer Book by Brooke Fedora and Luther Fedora
    Golden Fire: The Story of Cider by Ted Bruning
Seminar: Intro to Beer Judging & Scoring for the LBG Competition Big Brew Day Brew-Off by Jim McGovern
(see slides)
Link to the BJCP Judging Score Sheet:
Link to BJCP Style Guidelines:

Additional Business
Dale: MOTION - Remove Phil Swaggerty from position as Treasurer for cause & replace with Jon Keffer. Then we can start the year with fresh accounting, be on top of things
  • Frank: According to bylaws, an officer may be removed “for cause” by a vote
    MOTION CARRIES on voice vote
    Several people have been waiting for months to get their membership cards from Phil, including: Rebecca Mosley, Travis Johnson, Michael Platt
Tasting: Candy Beers brewed by members
(see slides)
Vote for most candy-like beer: Hollie's Cherry Burst
Vote for favorite beer: Courtney's Lemonhead Dry Hopped Sour
Overall winner (Katy brought a prize): Hollie's Cherry Burst

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