January 2018 Minutes

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January 2018 Minutes

#1 Post by LeighK » Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:10 pm

Lawrence Brewers Guild
Thursday, January 25, 2018

Link to slide presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/ ... sp=sharing

Blind Piper - dark saison, half with toasted wood chips, half without
James - no boil Irish Red Ale

Mike Bishop, brewing for 5-6 years, saw our info at Ernst, looked at website

Clean-Up Crew
Josh, Dale, Randy

Next Hoppy Hour - Blue Moose off 6th & Wakarusa

Upcoming Events - see slide
+ Parkville on April 28th, usually get 12 tickets. Sara & Duane in charge - will post more info on the forum when it is available

Big Day Brew Off - see slide
Submission: 2 bottles?
Yes, BJCP sanctioned, two 12 ounce bottles. See website

KCBM competition
Entries due next Friday
Bob: if you haven’t done competition entries, this one has a majority of BJCP certified judges - you will get good feedback on your beer.

2018 Officer Nominations
  • President - Dale Wheeler running again
    Vice President - Courtney Servaes running
    Treasurer - Jon Keffer (elected at November meeting)
    Secretary - Leigh Keck running again
    Librarian - Steven Fritts running again
    Biermeister - Bob Dieterle running
Show of hands for the slate, passes unanimously

Membership dues
$25 single, $35 household
Paypal: payment@lawrencebrewer.org “family & friends” option
Discounts: CO2, homebrew pro shoppe

Theft of LBG Cash
  • In handoff of treasury items from Phil to Jon, Phil had them in his car and there was a theft, we approximate $1,500 was in it
    Phil agrees and desires to restore the funds by July 2018
    Suggestions to take him to court
    For now, using soft gloves and working together to get money back
    Jon will give monthly update on any payments we received
Jen: is there an actual agreement in terms of payment schedule?
Dale: written confirmation he will have it repaid by July 2018. He did not want to set to a fixed schedule per month.

New Cash Handling Policies
  • Any cash balance over $200 must be deposited within 3 business days of exceeding this limit
    Cash expenditures: no payments from LBG shall be made in cash without written documentation
    Cash withdrawals: no cash withdrawals from LBG accounts are permitted without documented pre approval from another officers (president or treasurer)
    PayPal: excessive balances will be transferred to LBG checking account in a timely manner
    Jon: i’ve been working to keep paypal balance below $300
    Emergency Fund savings account: a balance of $4000 will be maintained
    Reimbursement from LBG to members and vendors: receipts or invoices are required for payment. Treasurer or President are not permitted to write checks to themselves without the checks being signed by the other officer
Tara: nothing preventing an officer from writing a $4,000 check to themselves?
Dale: Jon would have to sign it.
Jon: situation where Phil wrote himself a check for $160
Sara: do we have checks that require two signatures, is that something we need to get?
Dale: haven’t gone that far in consideration, if the membership demands we will.
Bob: pointless if we can do this in online banking anyways.
If we don’t have people we trust in those positions it is an issue

Treasurer Report
- see slides
  • Bottom line: $5,024.92 as of 01/10/18
    Savings: $4,009
    Started year $7,00-11,000 the last few years
    Bob: last few years we have started year stronger is because we got more revenue from brewfest
    Since the last report
    Changed out account
    Brewfest (-$818.85)
    Rent ($800) was due in June
    Education spent $57.94 since Nov
    Holiday party: (_$572)
    Odds & Ends: cash box, new check book, stamps
    Go to forum, follow link, see write-up
    Only had bank and paypal numbers to work with
    Used Matt Parker projections
    Josh: does that graph include teh $1500 we should be getting back?
    Jon: No, won’t count that until I see it
    Need to crank up revenue and reduce spending
    Closing out 2017
    Do you have an invoice submitted between Aug 2017-Nov 2017
    If you have a check, it can’t be cashed bc the account is closed; contact us for a new check
    Did you write us a check?
Membership Cards
  • Records got lost - let us know if you still need
    Must be paid member by July to be eligible for brewfest
    Update your AHA membership - we get insurance discount if you’re an AHA member
Library Report
See list of excessive book checkouts - please bring books back!

Seminar - Suzanna Anna, Food for Thought: Not All Honey is Created Equal - Don’t rely on conversion charts
  • Not all honey is the same - sugar content, water content varies
    When you use honey in your formula you can’t just look up a conversion rate
    15-19% moisture content depending on nectar source
    Enzymes in bees body mix with nectar, put in honeycomb, dehydrated until it gets to a certain moisture content
    Clover different than dandelion different than buckwheat
    Should test moisture content before you brew
    Q: how much is the variance?
    Most flowers in the US range from 15-19%
    Q: how do you test?
    Bowe: not the same refractometer used for beer
    Frank: we do have refractometers and drop in bubl style hydrometers. If you have fixed amount of honey with fixed amount of honey and measure with beer refractometer you should be able to gauge.
    Suzana: if you are making bread you have to judge
    Q: how many hives do you have?
    Less than I used to, used to try not to have more than 12. Now not more than 6.
    # of bees?
    Winter is least amount, they scale down, kick out the males. A few thousand to several hundred thousand in the spring.

Off-Flavor Detection - Jim McGovern

Tasting - Aged Imperial Stouts

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