March 2018 Minutes

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March 2018 Minutes

#1 Post by LeighK » Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:29 pm

Lawrence Brewers Guild
Thursday, March 8, 2018

Link to slide presentation: ... sp=sharing

John Pepin -IPA
Floral IPA

Dan Rusinak, been a member, grandkids live in Lawrence but never in town on meeting days
Ryan Shaughnessy, been a member but never come

Clean-Up Crew
Leigh, John & friends

Upcoming Events
Yankee Tank Open House & 3 Year Anniversary — Saturday, March 31
April Hoppy Hour — Thursday, April 5, Wakarusa Brewing Company in Eudora
April Meeting — Thursday, April 12
Craft & Compassion Beer Maze — Thursday, April 19
Parkville Microbrew Festival — Saturday, April 28
LBG Big Brew Day Brew-Off Judging — Thursday & Friday, May 3-4
LBG Big Brew Day Brew-Off and Maifest — Saturday, May 5; entries accepted Mar. 17-Apr. 21
Dwight Burnham Memorial Brewfest XXIII — Saturday, Sept. 22

LBG Big Brew Day Brew-Off
Prizes include: Blickman beer gun, stainless steel conical fermenter, 7 gal stainless steel kettle, lots of schwag, grain, hops, & much more!

Scale Ups
  • Yankee Tank: Cinco de Mayo category winner
    Free State: Best in Show
Create an account, volunteer to judge or steward on Thurs & Fri 05/03004
Talk to Jim about judging

Entries accepted 03/17-04/21
  • Encourage members to enter early since it is limited to 100 entries
    $7 entry fee for non-members
    $5 entry fee for members with discount code: lbgmember2018
*note that non-members (have you paid in 2018?) who use the discount code will have their entries voided and not refunded

Proposal: Logistics Officer
Keep track of guild assets - where is everything stored
Maintain inventory
Recommend needed upkeep or purchases
Arrange to have materials delivered and returned for guild events
  • Brewfest (lead logistics committee)
    Big brew day brew-off/maifest
    Holiday party
    Not required to
transport or store but will coordinate with guild members or outside vendors
Appoint position, to become elected position in 2019

Proposal: Brewery Tour
KC location with a concentration of breweries
Participants will split cost of van/bus Lawrence to KC and back
Funded mostly by participants. Guild arranges tours and schedules, buys first rounds, etc.
July/Aug timeframe
Volunteers to help plan/present
Rebecca: Taptour passport, has map with breweries
Stenger, Rebecca & Dale will work on this

Treasurer’s Report - see slides
Not a lot of change
Sent 3 emails to Phil
Heard back this morning, no payments yet
Net for month: $251.08

Membership Cards

Missing member details:
  • Mark Shrock
    Jake Endres
    Caryn Stockwell
    Matt & DanaComi
    Wolfgang Johanning
    Ryan Shaughnessy
$25 individual/$35 household
Still active after 10 years
  • DJ & Sara Albrecht
    John Bowden
    Chris Stenger
15 years - Derrick Samuel
20 years - Dale Wheeler
  • Ellen & Jeff Jensen
    Joe Yoder
    Barry Fitzgerald
    Clint Wedel
Library Report
New book: Big Book of Mead Recipes
  • Lots of recipes - including PBJ, bacon
    Includes info about BJCP mead categories
Pints for Pets - invite cards!
On Saturday, May 19th
Donate a keg, let Clint or Xan know, drop it off the day before

Grain Buy - See forums, we are at 8 sacks in 40 days. We used to buy 42 sacks 5X/yr

Secretary’s Slide
Printed new name tags & got rid of inactive member ones
Let Leigh know if there is an error on your nametag - name misspelled, go by “Rob” instead of “Robert”, missing forum name, etc.
If you don’t receive the newsletter, give us your email address and we’ll get you added

Seminar - Bottling, see slides

Off Flavor Detection - Jim McGovern

Tasting - Competition beer styles

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