June 2018 Minutes

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June 2018 Minutes

#1 Post by LeighK » Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:25 pm

Lawrence Brewers Guild Meeting
Thursday, June 13th, 2018

Link to slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/ ... sp=sharing

Brick - peppercorn saison
Ryan Metcalf - Wort With Friends entry, dry hopped sour ale

Clean-Up Crew
Leigh, Ryan Metcalf, Josh Davee, Rebecca Mosley

Hoppy Hours
July 5th - Bon Bon, $3 pints with your LBG card
Aug 2nd - Henry T’s

Upcoming Events
Tap That Topeka, Saturday, June 23rd in Topeka
Great Taste of the Midwest, Saturday, Aug. 11th in Madison Wisconsin
Brewfest!!! Saturday, Sept. 22nd
Festival of the Lost Township, Saturday, Sept. 29th
LBG holiday party, Saturday, Dec. 8th

Great Taste of the Midwest
Still 6 tickets available (someone is willing to buy them all if we don’t sell them to LBG members)
$60/ticket; DD ticket for $10
See info on forum, Steve Brown is the contact

LBG KC Brewery Trip
August 25th, starting noonish
Focus on 18th & Oak
  • Torn Label, Border, Emperial, Double Shift
    Good eateries
15 passenger vans from Lawrence, will need 1 or 2 DD’s
Cost for transportation will be divided among those who use it; still working out logistics

Brewfest is Coming!
Committee Chairpersons:
  • Beverage - Frank
    Logistics - Brick & Cindy, need a co-chair for Friday
    Music - Steve Brown, Got one band down. Have other bands in mind but open to suggestions.
    Food - Ryan Metcalf
    Shrimp boil - ???
Think about brewing!
Homebrew Pro Shoppe (James & Tara, located in Olathe) will deliver to Lawrence!
Cottin’s Hardware is going to start carrying homebrew supplies

Pints for Pets
$3,403 raised in donations
Just $17 shy of the record
Thanks for coming and making it a success!

Shout out to Norseman crew that made it!!!

Treasurer’s Report
  • Checking: $1,189.67
    Savings: $4,00.83
    PayPal: $51.36
    Cash: $58.00
No payment from Phil yet
Since last meeting
  • One new household membership
    7 cents in interest
    $10 for thank you cards
CHARTS!!! (see slides)

Library Report
New books
  • Ambitious Brew - the story of American Beer
    Let There Be Melomels: Fruit meads designed to inspire your imagination
    The Secrets of Master Brewers: Techniques, traditions and homebrew recipes
Bought some replacement books
Library is getting heavy; thinking about thinning it down

Pre-Tasting - BBD Competition Beers pt. 2

Tasting - Heroic IPAs

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