October 2018

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October 2018

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Lawrence Brewers Guild Meeting
Thursday, October 11, 2018

Link to slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/ ... sp=sharing

Steven - California Common
John McClure - IPA

Clean-Up Crew
Leigh, Josh DaVee

Hoppy Hour
23rd Street on Thurs. Nov. 1st
No hoppy hour in December

Upcoming Events
Thurs, Nov 1st - Competition planning committee after hoppy hour at 23rd Street
Learn to brew events on Sat Nov 3rd
  • Homebrew Pro Shoppe in Olathe with Ryan Metcalf
    Cottin’s Hardware in Lawrence with Chuck Ferguson
Women's brew day - all are welcome, women do the brewing, Nov 4th @ Courtney's house, info on forum and fb page, will bring Gingerbread Stout to the holiday party, bring a side

Cottin's Hardware Update
Dale & Jeff met with Linda Cottin to go over brew equipment
LBG promo: Jon updated the Pale Ale recipe, updating promo cards
November brew day planned at Cottin's

Holiday Party

Dec 8th, 6-11 p.m. at the W Banquet Hall
Members and immediate family/partner/date
Bring a side dish/dessert
Main dish will be provided by LBG and cooked by members - need volunteers to cook, see forum post
Bring beer/wine! Taps available
Beer exchange - bring a 6-pack or equivalent. No crap beer, please
Door prizes are back!
4 turkeys, 2 hams
(Jarrod will do 1 ham)

Treasurer's Report
Bottom Line
$6687 as of Tuesday. Doing pretty good. Never had to touch reserve.
Bottom Line (CHART!) - big brewfest bump, spike in sales was later than in past, looks like we were paying invoices earlier than in past

We sold almost $4,500 in tickets
About $1,200 in the black!
Good : T-Shirt & koozie sales, reduced band budget
Not so good: over-ordered glassware, under ordered meat
See chart in slides
Top two items (Anderson Rental & Campsite rental) are only fixed costs - food, glasses, koozies, music, tee shirts & stickers are all discretionary
Still a few invoices coming in - coffee, t-shirts

Glassware discussion
Jim: 2 gross leftover, but isn't it more expensive to order fewer?
Will have to look at again
Tara: could we reuse them? Or have generic LBG glass and change the koozie year to year?
Jarrod: can work with Grandstand

50 Kegs donated
  • 5 sodas
    Rule of Four is about 240 tickets
90 tickets sold/84 redeemed
49 comp tickets/36 redeemed
  • 25 compt tickets for bands/8 were +1s
    66 comp w/ pledge tickets/65 redeemed
16 unclaimed + 13 unused
23 DD/soda tickets/20 redeemed
228 total tickets/205 redeemed

99 koozies left
  • Ordered 200 starting out for $282
    $2 each - $82 for 99 koozies
1 sticker left
13+ cases of glasses

Other Stuff
LBG Merchandise
  • One large t-shirt $10
    Glasses $1 each or case of 24 for $15
    Koozies $1
    Stickers 2 for $1
Membership cards
  • Got a few to pick up
    Verify discounts for 2019
    2019 card design
Q: phil situation? Are we getting money back?
Dale: i’m pissed about this, if anyone can think of a way...small claims court - lots of work to us, not a lot of sting to him. Not paying us now, would he pay us with a judgement?

Library Report
Brewing Engineering: Great Beer Through Applied Science
Gose: Brewing a classic german beer for the modern era By Fal Allen
See slide on specific style of beer books we already have in the library
Dale: discussion about getting rid of books? Negative pushback on books we only have 1 copy of but there are a lot we have 2 copies of.

Frank’s 3 Things
  • EBIAB - Black Friday special
    Talked about anonymous brewfest survey - what people liked, if they didn’t come then why not, on GoogleForums so anonymous
    $125/day for Bloomington West - camping day, not LBG spending money but having a camping day
Dale adds: maybe do it for Maifest next year

Seminar - NEIPAs by Courtney

Tasting - Preview of Servaes Brewing Co.

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