May 2021 Minutes Virtual

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May 2021 Minutes Virtual

#1 Post by jwkeffer » Thu May 13, 2021 9:20 pm

LBG May Meeting Minutes
7 p.m. Thursday, May. 13, 2021
Virtual meeting due to COVID-19. Held via Zoom, Facebook Live and YouTube.

Presentation slides: ... sp=sharing


Presenters: Officers
  • What are you drinking tonight?
  • Jon K. – Found a partial keg of stout I didn’t know I still had
  • Brian & Nicci are drinking Monk’s Dark Ale
  • Dale Wheeler is drinking water
  • William Perkins is drinking a 1554 clone
  • Leigh K is drinking a Free State Hoptic Nerve
  • Barry F is drinking Goose Island IPA
  • This is our Thirteenth time having a virtual meeting. We'll continue with virtual meetings until we can have an in-person meeting.
  • We will be meeting virtually for at least one more month. We’re talking to the church about when we can meet again.
  • Virtually hoppy hours continue until at least June
  • We will be having an in person hoppy hour in June (the 3rd) at the Gaslight.
  • We are starting up a “shared equipment” spreadsheet where we can share equipment back and forth.
  • ... 1187943183\
  • Parkville in October
  • Brewfest in October
  • Holiday Party in December
  • For Brewfest we would like to have co-chairs for the committees – one “old hand” and one new volunteer so we get information transfer.
  • Music – Steve Brown and Jay Brunker
  • Beverage – Frank Dillon & Jake Jeffers
  • Logistics – Matt Bechtold and need another volunteer
  • Saturday Food – Ryan Metcalf and need another volunteer
  • Brewfest sign up link ag
  • Beer Competition
  • Committee: Ryan Metcalf, Matt Bechtold, Lynette Good, Jake Jeffers and we need one more volunteer.
  • Awards at Maceli

  • 52 members so far
  • You can join any time, but if you have to join by June 30 to get the member access to Brewfest
  • $6,723.16 on hand – pretty steady right now
  • Contact Tara to make arrangements.
  • Pick up at Tara’s house until we’re able to meet in person again.
  • Tara is working on some things and may have new books for next month

Kveik yeast
Sam McNeil from Lawrence Beer Co.
  • Clark Winter Warmer -- Wanted to do a Winter Warmer, and had a short lead time, so worked with Kveik.
  • Kveik yeasts are very temperature tolerant. Actually, they are tolerant of lots of environmental variables. Remarkable because they can work from 65 to 105 degrees.
  • Bonus for homebrewers because you don’t need a lot of process or equipment for temperature control -- with Kveik yeast, you don’t have to do that.
  • Ester profiles are stable across the temperature range, so it won’t change your flavors if you ferment at different temperatures.
  • Kveik yeasts are non-phenolic and low fusel alcohol producing.
TASTING – Spring Fruits

Strawberry Beers
  • #4 Strawberry Hefe - Leigh
  • #5 Strawberry Witbier - Dale
  • #6 Strawberry Blonde Witbier – Gregg
  • Next month: Mango beers
Jon Keffer
Buckaroo Brewery
A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person. -- Dave Berry

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