September 2021 Minutes

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September 2021 Minutes

#1 Post by jwkeffer » Sat Sep 11, 2021 4:33 pm

LBG September Meeting Minutes
7 p.m. Thursday, September 9th, 2021
First face to face meeting in 18 months! Woohoo!

Presentation slides: ... sp=sharing


Presenters: Officers


First live meeting in 18 months! We met outside for our first "in person" meeting in 18 months.
Brewfest next month.


October Hoppy Hour is going to be at Camp Dale at Clinton Lake before Brewfest.
Brew day at Cottin's hardware in October -- Jake will be brewing for it.
Parkville in October -- We have an opening if you want to donate a keg.
Brewfest in four weeks - See below.
Holiday Party in December


Brewfest tickets still available - $50 each.
You need to be a paid member and have signed up to donate a keg in order to buy tickets.
No tickets will be sold on the day of Brewfest.

If your beer is gluten reduced, let Frank or Jake know so they can keep it off the taps with the other beers.

Consider putting your beer in untappd and printing a bar code for the tap line.

Beer donations are closed, but we have 66 kegs pledged so far. Contact Frank or Jake ASAP if there are any last minute donation changes.

Bartender sign ups will be up soon. Frank tries to get people serving during the flights where they're beer is served, so bartender sign ups will be made when the flights are finalized.

Still need some help at the ticket tent -- please sign up. We've already got the first shift (the busy time) taken care of. It's a nice little job: a shady seat, right up front, and you get to chat with all the late-comers and stragglers.

Tee shirt designs have been finalized. Order your tee shirts on the forum. Payment is to the treasurer as normal.

Barry Fitzgerald has gathered all the Brewfest logos he has ever made and is making 8x10 prints. (25 years!) They will be for sale at Brewfest: $10 for a regular print, $20 for a print signed by Barry.

Music for Brewfest
Glen Oldsman on Friday Night
- Cryin' Out Loud
- Smellivison - featuring Barry Fitzgerald
- Time Pieces - featuring Orville Engling

During the Covid pandemic there is additional risk to any event where you're around other people. Please be responsible and plan accordingly when you're making your Brewfest arrangements.



77 members so far
$6,779 on hand
We are in pretty good shape right now, financially.
Brewfest is likely to be smaller than normal, so for our financial health we can work it out if you want to buy more than three tickets. They should still be only for friends and family, but we have loosened the availability a bit.

By consensus, Frank is approved to spend reasonable amount to bring the jockey boxes up to speed for Brewfest.

Jake's wife's business donated four nice, eight foot folding tables to the club. They are out at Andy's house right now. We can use them instead of four rentals at Brewfest.


Contact Tara to make arrangements.
Pick up at Tara’s house until we’re able to meet in person again.
Tara is working on some things and may have new books for next month


Angelo Ruiz, Head Brewer at Yankee Tank brewing talking about a new style, called Cold IPA.


Marzen - Octoberfest beers
Samples from Blind Tiger and Norsemen Brewing
Jon Keffer
Buckaroo Brewery
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