November 2021 Minutes

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November 2021 Minutes

#1 Post by jwkeffer » Mon Nov 15, 2021 5:00 pm

(Sorry for the delay getting the minutes out. My water heater sprung a leak Thursday afternoon, and I've been busy pretending to be a plumber lately.)

LBG September Meeting Minutes
7 p.m. Thursday, November 11th, 2021
First indoor face to face meeting in over 18 months!

Presentation slides: ... sp=sharing

Presenters: Officers


October meeting was days after Brewfest and was an informal social meeting, with no business meeting.
There is no regular meeting next month, because...
The annual Holiday party is on Saturday, December 4th
Officer elections are set for the January meeting.


January Hoppy Hour Thursday, January 6th, 2022
January Meeting 7:00PM, Thursday, January 13th, Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 1263 North 100 Road (Officer Elections!)
Although the Parkville brew festival was only a few weeks ago, they are planning to be back in the spring next year and the date is set for Saturday, April 30th
Pints for Pets is back on for 2022. The date is set for May 21st

Holiday Party
Our annual Holiday Party is coming up. The party is for members and spouse/date/other. Dress code: casual.
Bring a side dish and home brew to share. Taps will be available. Turkey and ham will be provided.
Plates and cutlery provided.
There will be door prizes.
Optional six pack exchange will be happening again this year (see below)
6:00 to 11:00PM, Saturday, December 4th
The W Banquet Hall, 704 Connecticut
(Please don't park in the lot North of the hall)

Holiday Party Beer Exchange
Home brew and Craft brew welcome
Bring about 72 ounces of beer and check it in - there will be a drawing later and you'll randomly get the beer somebody else brought
6x12 oz. = 72 oz. : 3x22 oz. bombers = 66 oz. 3x750ml champagne bottles = 76 oz.

2022 Officer Nominations
Jake has reached the term limit (two terms) as treasurer, so we need to find someone to step up for next year.
Tara Taylor has mentioned she will have problems with finding the time to be librarian this year, so it would be good if someone else stepped up.
Nominations are taken for any position
Position Current office Holder
President Lynette Good
Vice President Josh Davee
Treasurer Jake Jeffers (position open - term limit)
Secretary Jon Keffer
Librarian Tara Taylor
Biermeister Ryan Metcalf
Submit nominations at:

Personal notes:
- If you want to know what's going on, or if it bugs you that the same people keep making the decisions, being an officer is the way to fix that. Grab any one of these jobs, and you will know everything that's going on, all the time.
- I've been the librarian before and it's a great job. If you like books, this is great. You get to shop for new books and spend club money to buy a few every month. What's not to like.
- I've also been the treasurer before. Yes, it's as much work as you can get as an officer, but it really isn't too bad. You've just got to keep track of all the money and watch the calendar for upcoming bills/payments, etc. It's pretty well documented, so if you can keep up with the money, it's pretty easy. Just expect to spend a few hours on it each and every month (it's the one job where you can't blow it off for a month). Also know that Brewfest will be your busiest time of year.



Brewfest Financial Sumary
Cost: $2,673.48 (down from $4,113.64 in 2019)
Income: $5.576.23 (up from $5449.00 in 2019)
Net: $3,272.75 (up from $1,335,36 in 2019)

We significantly reduced spending this year.
The barbecue was a bit of a hassle this year. We may want to look at that anew next year.
We might be able to loosen up our spending a bit on music next year.
We need to look at some way to drive ticket sales earlier in the process. Most of the tickets were sold right before Brewfest and it played havoc with planning. If we did something to get the tickets sold earlier, we could better tailor our spending to our needs.

Monthly Summary
Savings: $4,002
Checking: $3,829
PayPal: $1,356
Cash: $145
Balance: $9,332


The library is once more on-site at the church


Jake Jeffers discussed milling and brewhouse efficiency


Winter Warmers
Jon Keffer
Buckaroo Brewery
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