January 2022 Minutes - Virtual

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January 2022 Minutes - Virtual

#1 Post by jwkeffer » Thu Jan 13, 2022 10:09 pm

LBG January Meeting Minutes
7 p.m. Thursday, January 13th, 2022

Due to the Covid-19 Omicron wave, we are back on zoom for this meeting.

Presentation slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/ ... sp=sharing


Presenters: Officers

  • Virtual Happy Hour in February
  • February meeting is probably going to be virtual - hopefully "in person" again in March
  • Parkville planning is under way - contact Jake to volunteer
  • Pints for Pets moved from May 21 to May 28
  • We have multiple commercial brewing collaborations this year
  • Brewfest is September 24th
  • We received several bags of Proximity Malt from Free State Brewing. (Thanks Jeff!) We plan to use some of it for some club brewing projects, the rest will be available for club members. Jake will post something on the forum for distributing the remainder to members who are interested.
  • Lawrence Brew Supply will cover $15 of LBG membership dues with a purchase of $150 or more.
  • Lawrence Brew Supply are also making brewing kits and they want to do one a month, and they may entertain making a kit using your recipe. They are currently focusing on seasonal recipes. Stop in and talk to them if you are interested.
  • Contact Josh If you have ideas for Seminar topics.
  • We had a decent turn out at the holiday party.
Officer elections:
Our new officers for 2022
  • Jake Jeffers -- President
  • Josh DaVee -- Vice President
  • Ryan Metcalf -- Treasurer
  • Jon Keffer -- Secretary
  • Tara Taylor -- Librarian
  • Leigh Keck -- Biermeister


  • Big (positive) change in finances this year.
  • We did a great job at managing the costs for Brewfest and it worked out well.
  • We're in a great place for this year.
  • Library is back at the church, the church is currently locked down due to the pandemic, so the library is currently "in jail."
  • Dan Chivetta. Head Brewer at Fields and Ivy talking about barrel aging
  • We didn't get Dan's slides in advance, so I don't have a link to the slide show... sorry
  • CLub Brewed Winter Warmers
  • BJCP Category 30-C
Thanks to:
  • Dale Wheeler
  • Josh DaVee
  • Timothy Morland
  • Leigh Keck, Angelo Ruiz & Jarrod Lynds
Jon Keffer
Buckaroo Brewery
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