March 2022 Minutes

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March 2022 Minutes

#1 Post by jwkeffer » Thu Mar 17, 2022 9:46 am

LBG March Meeting Minutes
7 p.m. Tuesday, March 15th, 2022

We met in person, again, and it was very nice. We were postponed a few days from the regularly scheduled meeting because of a late season snow storm.

Presentation slides: ... sp=sharing

Presenters: Officers

  • Kansas Craft Brewers Expo - Saturday, March 12th. (Okay, this was before this meeting, but it was after our originally scheduled meeting date.)
  • April Hoppy Hour - Casbah/Burger Stand - Thursday, April 7th
  • April Monthly Meeting - Thursday, April 14th
  • Parkville Saturday, April 30th
  • May Hoppy Hour - Henry T's - Thursday, May 5th
  • Pints for Pets - Saturday, May 7th -- 7th & Ohio
  • Maifest - ?
  • We have multiple commercial brewing collaborations this year
  • Brewfest is Saturday, September 24th
  • Holiday party is Saturday, December 3rd
  • Parkville
    • Saturday, April 30th, 1PM-5PM
    • English Landing Park, 8701 McAfee St., Parkville, MO 64152
    • We have got all our club tickets spoken for (both kegs and servers]
    • We have fresh paint on the jockey box and the serving gear is ready to go
    • Contact Jake (bucketchemistry on the forum or with questions
  • Pints for Pets
    • Saturday, May 7th 4PM-10PM at 7th & Ohio
    • The Heebs (cattycorner from the Wedels) will be hosting this year
    • Three bands
    • Two food trucks (Mr. Bacon & one other)
      • Food will be included with your donation
    • Commemorative Pint Glass & plenty of beer
    • All donations go to The Lawrence Humane Society
    • Donate some beer!
      • We will have our serving gear on site -- just bring a keg
      • This isn't as "formal" as Brewfest -- partial kegs are acceptable (more like the holiday party)
    • We are also wanting some volunteers to serve
  • Club Brew - Fruit Beers
    • Our May tasting will be fruit beers: Peach & Cherry
    • Jake has grain available for the teams
  • Club Collaborations -- we have several collaborations scheduled
    • Free State -- February 24th
    • Yankee Tank -- March 24th
    • Fields & Ivy -- April TBD
    • Irvine Winery -- May 15th
    • Servaes Brewing -- August TBD
    • Lawrence Beer Co. -- Autumn TBD
Free State Collaboration
  • Josh DaVee, Ryan Metcalf and Frank Dillon represented us at this brewing on February 24th
  • They brewed "Bizzare Rye'd" Rye IPA
  • Ask them about their eventful brew day!
  • This was premiered at the Kansas Craft Beer Expo and is on tap now at the pub
    • Give it a try -- I think it's very tasty!
Yankee Tank Collaboration
  • Jon Keffer, John Pepin, Gregg Kipers and Tim Morland will represent us at this event
  • Thursday, March 24th
  • Brewing a Weizenbock
  • We'll be attempting a step mash with a Ferulic Acid rest
The Club Barrel Project
  • We're still in the early stages of planning
  • First planning meeting will be March 24th
  • Fields & Ivy will help us with barrels -- we can "piggy back" on one of their purchases
  • We're targeting a brew day in May
  • We need around ten brewers to work on a beer for a 55 gallon barrel - We have eight volunteers so far
  • Post suggestions for a style for the beer on the forum
  • Initial idea is ten brewers brew the same recipe and then blend in the barrel, after fermentation
  • Jump on the forum discussion if you're interested


  • 41 paid members, so far
  • Dues are due by the end of February
  • The big event for the month was when a long outstanding check from Brewfest for Barbecue cleared the bank
  • Two new copies of Palmer's "How to Brew"
Fresh on the Forum
  • Return of the barrel program
  • Club Brew -- Fruit Beers
  • Maifest/Pints for Pets
  • Water Chemistry
    • Jake Jeffers & Josh Devee
    • In addition to a presentation on the "how-tos" they did a ton of work on gathering data about Lawrence tap water
    • Check out the slides for the meeting for some really good data on Lawrence water
  • RO vs. filtered tap water experiment
  • Brew the same recipe with both RO water and filtered tap water
  • Josh brewed two batches of American Light Lager
  • Jake brewed two batches of Irish Stout
  • 21 people were able to tell a difference between the two American Light Lagers
  • 11 people preferred the batch using RO water and 10 preferred the tap water batch
  • 16 people could tell a difference between the Irish Stouts
  • 9 people preferred the version with RO water and 7 preferred the tap water batch
Jon Keffer
Buckaroo Brewery
A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person. -- Dave Berry

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