April 2022 Minutes

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April 2022 Minutes

#1 Post by jwkeffer » Sun Apr 17, 2022 2:10 pm

LBG April Meeting Minutes
7 p.m. Thursday, April 14th, 2022

This is the first in-person meeting where we were back to our regular meeting space.

I apologize for running a little late this month and missing some of the notes for this meeting. The Church has completely rebuilt the A/V system in the sanctuary and I was working with Frank to do some testing to see if we can get set up to simulcast our meetings over zoom and/or youtube. I missed a few items that I should have noted, such as the new visitors' names.

Presentation slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/ ... sp=sharing

Presenters: Officers

New members/visitors: We had a handful of visitors, but I'm afraid I didn't capture their names.

  • Free State Brewing East Side Brewery Open House - Friday, April 20th
  • Parkville Microbrew Festival -- Saturday, April 30th
  • May Hoppy Hour -- Henry T's - Thursday, May 5th
  • Pints For Pets - 7th & Ohio - Saturday, May 7th
  • East Side Brewery Walking Tour - Saturday, May 21st
  • Brewfest XXVI - Same Place as Last Year - Saturday, September 24th
  • Great Taste of the Midwest - Saturday, August 13th
  • Holiday party is December 3rd
  • 18th Parkville Microbrew Festival
    • Saturday April 30th, 1pm to 5pm
    • 8701 McAfee St, Parkville, MO 64152
    • Jake Jeffers is the organizer for LBG
    • All the club tickets are spoken for
    • Setup starts at 10am
    • All cars out of park by 12:30pm
    • Tear down usuallyover by 5:45pm to 6:00pm
  • Pints for Pets
    • Saturday, May 7th at 7th & Ohio - 4pm to 10pm
    • Fundraiser for Lawrence Humane Society
    • Generously hosted by the Heebs
    • Three bands
    • Food by Mr. Bacon and Taco Zone
    • Make a donation to the Lawrence Humane Society, get all the music, food and a commemorative pint glass
    • Donate a keg of beer for a good cause!
    • This year, we are also looking for volunteers to help serve beer
  • East Side Walking Brewery Tour
    • The idea is to walk the Burrough's Creek Trail, visiting the breweries on the way
    • 3.1 miles from Yankee Tank to Free State downtown
    • Yankee Tank, Fields & Ivy, Free State ESB, Lawrence Beer Co., Free State downtown, Black Stag (we haven't confirmed with everyone yet... still working on it)
    • May 21st is the date we're shooting for
    • Club members only for this date -- perhaps, if it goes well, we can host other people at later dates
  • Great Taste of the Midwest
    • Great beer fest in Madison, Wisconsin
    • Saturday, August 13th
    • Tickets can be very hard to get, but the club has the ability to get up to 15, without any hassles
    • Look on the forum, and make sure Steve knows that you're in. In the past, he's picked up all 15 and resold them as needed. This year he won't be doing that.
    • Act fast, or you could miss out
  • Club Brew - Fruit Beers
    • Our June tasting will be fruit beers, cherry and peach
    • Team Peach -- Steve F. & Gregg V. and Dale W. and Clint W.
    • Team Cherry -- Leigh K. & Katie T. and Ryan M. & Spencer D. and Josh D., Tim M. & Will W.
  • 2022 1st Annual Homebrew Club Competition
    • The Hall of Foamers are sponsoring a homebrew competition at the club level. All area brew clubs are invited to compete.
    • Date TBA -- sometime in October
    • Each club can submit up to three entries
    • The contest will be a single style - IPA (any IPA)
    • Each club/contestant should provide a judge for this event
  • 2022 Collaborations
    • This year we have several collaborations with local breweries
    • Free State - February 24th -- On tap now, Bizarre Rye'd (Rye IPA)
    • Yankee Tank - March 24th -- On tap now at Henry T's, Weizen-Shine (Weizenbock)
    • Fields & Ivy -- April 13th -- Look for it soon
    • Irvine Winery -- May 15th
    • Servaes Brewing -- TBD in August
    • 23rd Street Brewing -- TBD
    • Lawrence Beer Co. -- TBD
  • LBG Barrel Project
    • Signup is closed, we have our nine brewers
    • Brew day must take place by May 22nd
      • Finished beers ready to transfer to barrel by late June
    • Brewing and fermenting separately, then blending
    • Jarrod L. will host/store barrell
    • barrell will be acquired after beers are ready
    • Imperial Stout -- Barrel of Monkeys recipe
  • The Church has invested substantially in on-line meeting capabilities. It looks like we should be able to simulcast our meetings via zoom and/or youtube. To support this, it was proposed and approve to spend $150 to get an annual license for zoom so our meetings won't get knocked down after 40 minutes.
  • 55 paid members, so far
  • If you've already renewed, you membership card is ready. If not, remember to renew today
  • Ryan is out of town on business, but charts should be coming soon
  • Two new copies of Palmer's "How to Brew"
  • Tara & Lynette plan to do a new physical inventory sometime soon.
Fresh on the Forum
  • Return of the barrel program
  • Club Brew - Fruit Beers
  • Pints for Pets
  • Lager Brewing
  • Matt Bechtold - formerly of Blind Tiger
  • Girl Scout Cookie & Beer Pairing
    • Dunkel & Peanut Butter Sandwich Pairing
    • Begian Witbier & Lemonades Pairing
    • Double IPA & Lemonades Pairing
    • Imperial Stout & Adventurefuls
    • Belgian Dark Strong Ale & Caramel Delights
  • Upcoming Tastings
    • May - Yeast showcase
    • June - Cherry & Peach Homebrews
    • July - German styles of some sort...
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