May 2022 Minutes

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May 2022 Minutes

#1 Post by jwkeffer » Sun May 15, 2022 11:38 am

LBG May Meeting Minutes
7 p.m. Thursday, May 12th, 2022

Outdoor meeting this month. The church has a new Covid-19 policy, so we're outside this month.

Presentation slides: ... sp=sharing

Presenters: Officers

  • East Side Brewery Walking Tour - Saturday, May 21st
  • June Hoppy Hour -- Mr. Brews - Thursday, June 2nd
  • Brewers Swap Meet prior to June Meeting, Thursday, June 9th
  • Lawrence Library How To Festival - Saturday, June 25th
  • Great Taste of the Midwest -- Saturday, August 13th
  • Brewfest XXVI - Same Place as Last Year - Saturday, September 24th
  • Hall of Foamers Club Competition -- TBA in October
  • Holiday party is December 3rd
  • Recent Events
    • Parkville -- It was a great time
    • Pints for Pets -- Another great showing -- $6,700 raised for the humane society
  • In the next month
    • Brewer's Swap Meet before 6:00 prior to next meeting
    • East Side Walking Brewery Tour
      • The idea is to walk (or bike) the Burrough's Creek Trail, visiting the breweries on the way
      • Five by Five -- Five breweries in 5K
      • Yankee Tank, Fields & Ivy, Free State ESB, Lawrence Beer Co., Free State downtown, Black Stag (we haven't confirmed with everyone yet... still working on it)
      • Sign up on the forum
      • Club members only for this date -- perhaps, if it goes well, we can host other people at later date
      • Meet at Yankee Tank at 11:00AM on Saturday the 21st
  • Club Brew - Fruit Beers
    • Our June tasting will be fruit beers, cherry and peach
    • Team Peach -- Steve F. & Gregg V. and Dale W. and Clint W.
    • Team Cherry -- Leigh K. & Katie T. and Ryan M. & Spencer D. and Josh D., Tim M. & Will W.
  • 2022 1st Annual Homebrew Competition
    • The Hall of Foamers are sponsoring a homebrew competition at the club level. All area brew clubs are invited to compete.
    • Date TBA -- sometime in October
    • Each club can submit up to three entries
    • The contest will be a single style - IPA (any IPA)
    • Each club/contestant should provide a judge for this event
  • 2022 Collaborations
    • This year we have several collaborations with local breweries
    • Free State - February 24th -- On tap now, Bizarre Rye'd (Rye IPA)
    • Yankee Tank - March 24th -- On tap now at Henry T's, Weizen-Shine (Weizenbock)
    • Fields & Ivy -- April 13th -- On tap now, Lavendar Saisson
    • Irvine Winery -- May 15th -- Strawberry, Rhubarb Mead
    • Servaes Brewing -- TBD in August
    • 23rd Street Brewing -- TBD
    • Lawrence Beer Co. -- Postponed til 2023
  • Brewfest kick off
    • Committee assignments
      • Logistics Committee head: Michelle B.
      • Food Committee head: Bill P.
      • Beverage Committee head: Frank D.
      • Music Committee head: Steve B.

  • 60 paid members, so far
  • If you've already renewed, you membership card is ready. If not, remember to renew today
  • Paid our rent at the church this year: $1,000.
  • Current Balance: $6,801
  • New copy of Art of Fermentation by Sandor Katz (we lost the old copy)
Fresh on the Forum
  • East Lawrence Brewery Walking Tour
  • Pints for Pets
  • Brewer's Swap Meet
  • Reusing Yeast
  • Jim McGovern
  • Beers with different yeasts
    • Yankee Tank GoLo Lager
    • KC BierCo Hefeweizen
    • Saison Dupont
    • 2nd Shift Katy
    • Odd Breed Past & Future
  • Upcoming Tastings
    • June - Club Brewed Fruited Beers
    • July - German Lager
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Buckaroo Brewery
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