June 2022 Minutes

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June 2022 Minutes

#1 Post by jwkeffer » Tue Jun 14, 2022 3:10 pm

LBG June Meeting Minutes
7 p.m. Thursday, June 9th, 2022

Sorry it took a couple of days to get my act together on typing up this month's meeting minutes. I hope to do better next month.

We were back indoors for this meeting and attempted to have it on both Zoom and Youtube, but we ran into a few technical issues. We did get it on zoom, but the feed to Youtube failed, so we have no recording of this meeting. We have come up with two workarounds, and we should be able have a recorded meeting next time.

We had a swap meet in the parking lot before the meeting. I didn't find any takers for all my 22oz bottles, but I did score a sweet Perlick Sanke tap from Orville for only $5!

Presentation slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/ ... sp=sharing
Presenters: Officers

  • Irvine Windery Grandiversery - Saturday, June 18th
  • How-To Festival -- Lawrence Library, Saturday, June 25th
  • Great Taste of the Midwest -- Saturdau, August 13th
  • KC Area Brew Clubs Collaboration brew -- TBD, August (See the forum)
  • Brewfest XXVI -- Saturday, September 24th
  • Hall of Foamers Club Competition -- TBA in October
  • KC Area All Club Gathering -- Saturday, October 22nd
  • Holiday party is December 3rd
  • Five by Five East Lawrence Brewery Walking Tour
    • We had a good turnout and a good time. The rain held off, and thanks to our friends at the breweries, we had a really good time.
  • Irvine Winery Collaboration
    • On May 15th, we collaborated with Irvine on a Strawberry Rhubarb mead. (Looking forward to trying that one!)
  • KC Area Brew Clubs Collaboration brew
    • We need at least five volunteers and one host/leader for the Lawrence Group
    • You will be grouped together with members of other clubs to brew a beer
    • Beers will be on tap at the All Club Gathering in October
      • Lawrence Brewers Guild, Missouri Mashers, KC Bier Meisters, ZZ Hops, Johnson County Brewing Society
    • Check the forum for signup
  • 2022 1st Annual Homebrew Competition
    • The Hall of Foamers are sponsoring a homebrew competition at the club level. All area brew clubs are invited to compete.
    • Date TBA -- sometime in October
    • Each club can submit up to three entries
    • The contest will be a single style - IPA (any IPA)
    • Each club/contestant should provide a judge for this event
    • So far, we have Josh, Jarrod, Travis and John M. brewing for this. If you have a killer IPA you would like considered, let us know.
  • Brewfest XXVI -- Time to Volunteer
    • Committee Heads
      • Logistics: Michelle Berendsen
      • Music: Steve Brown
      • Food: Bill Perkins
      • Beverage: Frank Dillon
    • What's new this year?
      • Volunteer night - Wednesday, September 21st
      • Tickets go up to $55 after September 8th (let's buy those tickets earlier!)
      • Digital Beer Lists
      • T-shirt price is going up
      • More Music
    • Keg donations open July 14th
    • Tickets fo on sale August 11th
    • Camp Dale is back on Thursday
  • 2022 Collaborations
    • This year we have several collaborations with local breweries
    • Free State - February 24th -- On tap now, Bizarre Rye'd (Rye IPA)
    • Yankee Tank - March 24th -- On tap now at Henry T's, Weizen-Shine (Weizenbock)
    • Fields & Ivy -- April 13th -- Lavendar Saisson
    • Irvine Winery -- May 15th -- Strawberry, Rhubarb Mead
    • Servaes Brewing -- TBD in August
    • 23rd Street Brewing -- TBD
    • Lawrence Beer Co. -- Postponed til 2023
  • LBG Barrel Project
    • Everyone's batches are finished and conditioning
    • Finished with close to 80 gallons
    • Will reach out to Dan next week to procure barrel
      • Should be a freshly dumped J. Reiger barrel
    • Date of transfer TBD (end of June at latest)
    • Jarrod L. will host/store barrel
    • Signups for the next barrel brew will open in July
    • Imperial Stout -- Barrel of Monkeys recipe

  • 64 paid members, so far
  • If you've already renewed, you membership card is ready. If not, remember to renew today
  • Paid our not-for-profit filing fee with the state
  • Moved money from PayPal to Checking account (we get a little bit of interest)
  • $7,006 total on hand

  • Panel discussion on equipment and process upgrades
  • All
  • Return of the Fruit Beers
    • Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuz a Beer -- Peach Beer
    • Katie & Leigh's First Attempt at a Kettle Sour (wit Cherry)
    • (She's My) Sour Cherry Pie
    • Belgian Golden Strong with Cherries
    • Upcoming Tastings
      • July - German Lagers
      • August -- Ciders
      • September or October -- Hops from around the world
Jon Keffer
Buckaroo Brewery
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