April Meeting Minutes 2023

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April Meeting Minutes 2023

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LBG January Meeting Minutes
7 p.m. April 13th, 2023

Presentation slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/ ... i0NCw/edit
Presenters: Officers

No new members this month.

Unicorn mead, IPA, Irish red, and a Stout were brought in.

May Hoppy Hour -- 23rd St May 4th.
Maifest Saturday May 6th
American Homebrew Association (AHA) Big Brew Day -- Saturday, May 6th
We (LBG) don't have anything planned for this (yet). Bacchus and Barleycorn are having a brewing event
Pints for Pets 2023 - Saturday, May 20th (New location - 6th & Tennessee)
Aleswest (It''s a relatively new festival in St. Joseph) -- Saturday, June 3rd
Great Taste of the Midwest - Saturday July 12th.
Brewfest XXVII - Saturday, October 7, 2023

2023 Events and Projects
Maifest Saturday May 6th 9AM to 5PM.
same day as AHA, bring your gear and mash in
491 1814rd Baldwin
Electricity available. Bring water, tables, chairs
sides, beverages.
Nirvana Group brew, heat your strike water and get
Wort back for brewing. New recipe on the slides.
Pints for pets will be from 3-10 at the new location
6th and Tennessee.


member voted dues increase takes effect this year. 53 paid members so far.
Year End Balance:
Savings: $4,002.57
Checking: $3,241.81
Paypal: $0
Cash: $185
Total $7,429.38
Please turn in any reimbursement requests ASAP at: https://bit.ly/LBG2022Expense
Membership cards are available as of this meeting (4/13/23)
Recipe Formulation.
As a group effort we came up with three beer recipes that we hope to brew soon.
The group came up with 3 recipes. We will hopefully
brew a Brown Ale, Choke Cherry Beer and a Hazy IPA.
The recipes are in the hands of Bill Perkins who is in charge
of setting up a time and place to brew these beers.

Spring beers
notes on how to taste beer, see slides.
#1. Kolsh
#2. Witbier
#3. Helles bock
#4. Saison
#5 Saison
Please see the slides for additonal information about the tastings. Leigh does
a phenomenal job providing a wealth of information about the tastings.
Group favorite was number 4 with number 3 a close second. The number 5 saison had
more hops than the number 4 saison.
Todd Esplund, Secretary

Work is the curse of the drinking clases
Oscar Wilde

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