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From wine to beer to mushrooms, brewery shop is expanding downtown to meet growing demand [Lawrence Brew Supply Shop]

Posted: Fri Sep 25, 2020 12:10 am
by ryanmetcalf
A Lawrence brewing supply store, however, is literally moving to a new level. After quietly opening on a second-floor space earlier this year, the Lawrence Brew Supply Shop is expanding by moving to a ground-level Massachusetts Street storefront.

Lawrence Brew Supply Shop plans to open at 737 Massachusetts St. — the space that formerly housed the boutique Made and more recently was the sales office for Proxi apartments — in the next few days.

Owner Steve Hughes has been brewing beer and wine for about 25 years. But he ended up being a brewery shop owner by accident. When downtown’s Ernst & Son Hardware went out of business in 2018, Hughes bought the remaining home brewing inventory that the hardware store had on hand.

“I thought I would just use them at home,” Hughes said. “But the longer I had all this stuff, I started to say ‘Let’s see what happens.’ The idea of having a brewery supply shop seemed kind of interesting.”

It soon, though, went from interesting to crowded. Hughes set up the shop in the back room of his engineering office at 920 Massachusetts St., which is on the second floor above the Jimmy John’s sandwich shop.

Hughes set up that space more than a year ago, but he said he really only started spreading the word about the shop in February. ... ng-demand/

Location: 737 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044