Coordinator Needed! - 17th Parkville Microbrew Festival

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Coordinator Needed! - 17th Parkville Microbrew Festival

#1 Post by ryanmetcalf » Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:14 pm


As Duane and Sara have stepped down in being our Parkville liason, we are currently in need of someone to step up and help coordinate our efforts to getting to Parkville this year. Please consider volunteering to help us spearhead this, post here, send me an email ( ), or whatever your preferred communication method

Some past threads you can view to get more information/background, and even copy/paste the sign up format if you'd like. We've got a lot of good historical information here on the forum
2019 Parkville sign up thread
2019 Parkville discussion
2018 Parkville sign up thread
2017 Parkville sign up thread
2016 Parkville sign up thread
2015 Parkville sign up thread
2015 Parkville discussion
2014 Parkville sign up thread
2014 Parkville discussion

Basic information on the role, it's not too daunting, but I will be unable to attend this year (event conflict), otherwise I'd probably take point!
  • Contact Warren Crouse/Parkville Mainstreet Association and sign LBG up
  • Post/manage sign up of LBG members
  • Coordinate with treasurer to provide event management our insurance certficate
  • Coordinate/email answering any questions Warren might have (beer names, etc)
  • Bring the club banner, coordinate someone bringing jockey boxes, etc
  • Distribute wrist bands to LBG members participating (Day of Event)
  • Tear down event w/LBG volunteer assistance (Day of Event)

Information we've received so far:
Festival Details at a glance:
- Saturday, April 25, 2020, 1-5 PM
- Parkville, MO in English Landing Park along the Missouri River
- Fundraiser for the Main Street Parkville Association, a non-profit 501 c3 organization
- Last year the event drew over 2,400 attendees
- Live music is scheduled to perform on multiple stages
- Food will be available for purchase

What to bring and Beer reimbursement details:
- Provide two different kinds of beer and enough beer to pour for 4 hours. Typically this is around 2-3 kegs (half barrels). Cans, bottles, or firkins can be substituted for kegs in comparable quantities.
- We will reimburse $200 for the beer you pour during the 4 hour event.
- You can bring more if you desire but we can only offer up to $200 total reimbursement.
- Each brewery receives 6 complimentary passes, including glassware.
- Kegs
- Staffing for your booth
- A dispensing system
- Signage or banners for your tent

The event organizers will provide:
- A four foot by eight foot table
- ICE, ICE, and more ICE
- A 10 by 10 foot tent per brewer to ensure the event happens rain or shine.
As far as "what to bring", we traditionally take 9 keg volunteers, and then ~3 set up/tear down volunteer

We're 1 month out now from having to notify them of our commitment
To confirm your attendance, please contact Warren Crouse by February 14th
If you wanna see some photos from previous years
Selected photos from 2019 on our website
Some photos from 2018!
Parkville Photos from 2017
For more information, you can reference our three websites:

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Re: Coordinator Needed! - 17th Parkville Microbrew Festival

#2 Post by ryanmetcalf » Tue Jan 21, 2020 12:06 pm

I have officially notified Warren that we will be attending Parkville this year.
I will be coordinating the back end of things, and Jake Jeffers will be our point person on the ground/there day of event.
More information and sign ups will come at a later date. Stay tuned!

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Re: Coordinator Needed! - 17th Parkville Microbrew Festival

#3 Post by cityshopbc » Tue Jan 21, 2020 4:39 pm

Here's kind of a basic outline of how we dealt with Parkville. Please reach out if you have any questions.

I basically copy and paste the previous yrs post, changing dates, of course. As I get volunteers, I fill them out in the actual post. We've always had 12 spots, 9 for kegs, 3 for volunteers. May need to verify that for this yr.

You'll need to get with Clint about the jockey boxes, and get them reserved as soon as possible.

And now you really just wait til about a week, week and a half out from the event. This is when I started to collect info on the beer the members are bringing, ie... name, type, brewery name, brief description. I type that up and send it off to Warren. (Warren will send an email requesting this info, with the deadline.)

The week before I coordinate with Clint on picking up the jockey boxes and any tool boxes that go with them. The guild CO2 is usually with the jockey boxes. We would take an extra, just in case.

A few days before, we coordinate with whomever the Keeper of the Trailer is to grab what we need out of it. We have a box/tote of stuff that we've thrown together in the trailer. It's got risers, extra rags/papertowels, some tools maybe... (Here's where Duane usually takes over!) I know you need the horse tank, and the banner.

The rest is just coordination of getting stuff up there, setting it up, and taking it down. And getting everything back to where it belongs!

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